Filtering in Chrome DevTools

The Console and Network tab of Chrome devtools provides a “filter” input with several accepted methods. Reference


Type space separated keywords to filter by lines that contain those words. Order doesn’t matter.

Regular expressions

You can filter with a regular expression pattern enclosed in slashes (much like the JavaScript syntax)

For example, to show only .vrm and .glb files:



The Network tab even has a handy “Invert” button to exclude matches instead of using it as a search criteria.

Excluding results

Prefix a keyword or regular expression with - to invert its effect.

To filter by lines that contain “pass” but not “fail”:

      pass -fail


To exclude .vrm and .glb files:




In the Network tab, property prefixes such as domain: or status-code: and their expected values are documented here.

To filter by requests from this domain with a 304 (unmodified) status code: status-code:304


In the Console tab you can use the url: prefix to filter logs from a given url.



This is useful for hiding third party logs. You might also consider filtering by “user messages” from the sidebar. More info on Console filtering is documented here.