Faster MacOS dock transitions


Check out for documentation of more defaults commands

The default show/hide transition of the MacOS dock is too slow for my taste.

I’d rather it just appear immediately so I don’t have to hunt around with my cursor to find the trigger zone.

There are a couple settings we can adjust:

  • “autohide-delay” is how long it takes before the transition starts
  • ”autohide-time-modifier” is how long the transition takes

Set them to an -int or -float value (in seconds) of your preference.

I like to eliminate the transition entirely:

      defaults write autohide-delay -int 0
defaults write autohide-time-modifier -int 0
killall Dock


Much snappier!

To restore the original settings:

      defaults delete autohide-delay
defaults delete autohide-time-modifier
killall Dock